Research Showcases

Literature (WP 2)

2.1. Gudea Cylinder A. Observations on the text’s micro-structure. by Lucrezia Menicatti, MA

2.2. Notes on the construction of meaning in an Old Babylonian bilingual proverb about exotic animals. by Dr. Frank Simons

Magic (WP 3)

3.1. Burn your troubles away. The magical ceremony Šurpu. by Dr. Frank Simons

Divination (WP 4)

4.1. If a pig carries a reed and enters a man’s house… Observations on some structuring devices in Babylonian omen lists. by Dr. Nicla De Zorzi

4.2 Stealing the Property of the Gods. Observations on a Top-Middle-Base Omen Sequence from an Old Babylonian Liver Model. by Lucrezia Menicatti, MA