Citation Guidelines

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Furthermore, users must give appropriate credit and indicate any changes to the material that they have made. Moreover, if any modification of the original material is made, the new form must be distributed under the same license as the original.

Users of the REPAC website are kindly asked to abide by these guidelines when citing research from the site:

Author – Date – “Title” – REPAC (ERC Grant no. 803060), 2019-2024, at URL (accessed date)

e.g. Simons, F., 2020, “Burn your troubles away: The magical ceremony Šurpu”, REPAC (ERC Grant no. 803060), 2019-2024, at DOI: 10.25365/phaidra.229 (accessed date).

Photographs published on the site remain the intellectual property of the original photographer, as detailed in the caption beneath each photo. For any inquiry concerning their reproduction on third-party websites or in printed sources, please contact the copyright holder directly. The photographs of cuneiform tablets are copyright of the museums in which the tablets are held, and are published with the kind permission of their curators and boards of trustees. Please follow the museums’ guidelines, which can be found on their own websites, regarding reproduction of such photographs.